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Competency-Based HR Management gives you the structure you need to motivate your employees to higher performance. Results from a landmark study conducted by Aon Hewitt Consulting identified five critical questions that employees are asking of their organizations. 1. Are we all aligned on the people investments needed to achieve our goals? 2. Is there a compelling reason for me to work here? 3. Will I be effectively developed and fairly rewarded for extra effort? 4. Do I receive timely and … [Continue Reading]


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Competency-Based Human Resources Management is a powerful tool for retaining your high-performance employees. Surveys show, in China today, the top driver for employee motivation is career advancement.  Your best employees are always looking for opportunities to advance.  Make sure they see a clear pathway for advancement within your company.  If you are able to clarify the specific competencies (skills, knowledge, and behaviors) required for advancement, your best employees will not have … [Continue Reading]

Our Vision


We at Healthy Foundations are here to make a positive impact on people where they live and where they work. Each member of our team brings real world experience in a variety of core competencies that allows us to touch lives wherever people are: at work, at school, at home and even when care is needed at the hospital. We aim to make a positive impact in the workplace by providing: Project Management Training and Coaching Human Resources Management Consulting Business English … [Continue Reading]

Who is Healthy Foundations

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Healthy Foundations is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise founded in 2005 and $500,000 USD registered capital in Wuhan and Shenyang.  Our company purpose is "Transforming Workplaces, Touching Lives." We are a team of dedicated professionals who care about our clients, and care about results.  We are successful when you are successful! * Where else can you find such depth and breadth of international experience in Wuhan and Shenyang? * Credentials recognized at the highest levels of … [Read More...]


International Clinic


Healthy Foundations is proud to partner with Union Hospital in presenting the Wuhan Union Hospital International Clinic. The … [Continue Reading]

International School

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Healthy Foundations is proud to sponsor the Wuhan Yangtze International School (WYIS). WYIS provides a respected education for Pre-K through Grade 12 expatriate children. WYIS implements an American based curriculum with an international focus using English as the main language of instruction. Through rigorous coursework in effectively prepares students for university life in many areas of the world and beyond. Founded in 2003 with seven students, WYIS has expanded to over 200 students … [Continue Reading]