International Clinic 国际门诊

Healthy Foundations is proud to partner with Union Hospital in presenting the Wuhan Union Hospital International Clinic. The clinic offers the following services:

We are easy to find at the Union Hospital West in Zhuankou, Hanyang in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. Please see our map for directions to the clinic.

Dr deMena, Dr. Rommen, Dr. Crawford and our whole staff look forward to meeting your healthcare needs during your time in Wuhan.

Home武汉美根非常荣幸能够和武汉协和医院合作, 成立 武汉协和国际门诊。 门诊提供以下服务:

在汉阳沌口的武汉经济技术开发区协和医院西区, 要找到我们很容易。 请参看到达门诊的地图。

deMena 医生 以及我们武汉协和国际门诊的全体员工期待能够满足您在武汉期间的医疗保健需求。


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